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1. Return of goods for shopping at e-shop is followed by the provisions of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and the Law on Consumer Rights Protection of the Republic of Lithuania.

2. By purchasing a good at our e-shop, you have a right to cancel the order and return the good (even though it is non-defective) within 14 days after the date, when the good was delivered, if:

  2.1 the returnable good is in the original and proper package;

  2.2 the good is not used and not damaged;

  2.3 marketable appearance of the good is preserved;

  2.4 purchasing document of it is submitted together with the returnable good.

3. As it is stated in the second part of Article 6.22810 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, a consumer has no right to cancel a remote contract within 14 days regarding the goods that are made under special orders of the consumer, which are not made in advance and which are made depending on a personal choice or order of the consumer. This is applied for ordering the products of non-standard sizes or colours.

4. If you would like to return the good, please contact us via email:

5. The money for the returnable goods will be transferred into your bank account within 14 business days after the date, when the last returnable good was received.

6. The returnable good has to be fully gathered. You are responsible for a full gathering and packing of the good. If the good is not fully gathered and properly packed, we or our representative will not accept the returnable good.

7. The item has to be returned in the same package as it was during the delivery. The package has to be undamaged, clean, properly prepared and packed.

8. You return the goods by the indicated address of the seller at your own expenses except the cases, when the good is returned regarding unsatisfying quality.

9. When the returnable good is defective, we commit to accept a defective good and to change it by an analogous good or if you would like, we can refund the paid money and sending costs.

10. In other cases transportation expenses are non-refundable.